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The unicode features: Are they only for Unicode systems? Up to now I found no need for the features. Is it for the Linux version? I'm using Win XP and Win 7.
The UTF-8 bit in the .bcss header will only be set when creating snapshots OS X/Linux. It could be used on Windows to save some space, but BC2 wouldn't decode the filenames correctly.

On Windows the UTF-8 name in the extended file headers is included for any file with extended (non-ASCII) characters. If you only use filenames in your native language you don't need them. It's included to support mixing languages (Greek/CJK/Thai/Cyrillic/etc) and for cases where you move snapshots between systems with different native languages.

I updated my previous post again and added snapshots containing mixed filenames from both Windows and Linux so you can see the difference. There's also a second pair showing the case where the source path needs UTF-8 encoding. Those 4 are all compressed. If you want to see what they look like if you don't use the Unicode features just load them in BC2.

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The path in the header: Can I see the path anywhere in BC3? I didn't knew, that it was stored before I looked at the internals. (I'm not missing it, just curiosity).
If you double click a .bcss file in Explorer BC reads the header and loads a comparison with the snapshot on one side and the original path on the other.