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    Default Folder Compare View

    There are lots of possible and very useful view settings for comparing files in a folder. However, I still miss for some cases a specific view option like:
    - View differences and right orphans
    - View differences and left orphans
    - Show right orphans
    - Show left orphans

    How about adding customizable views which allow any combination of mismatches, orphans, newer, ...
    Setting could be handled like for the DOS attribute / version control filter rules. E.g.:
    .....................Ignore.......Exclude if TRUE.......Exclude if FALSE
    left newer
    right newer
    left orphans
    right orphans

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    Select Tools | Customize Commands, and then select the "Toggles" option for Display Filters. This will let you create your own combinations of the 6 fundamental conditions.
    Tim T Scooter Software

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    Hm, ok. Thanks a lot Tim! That's what I need
    The only improvement I could imagine now would be to store the selected combination as user specified filter for fast access/switching. So, if you have nothing better todo some day...

    Anyhow, the current implementation is really helpful as well!

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