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    Default New add-on rules and knowledge base article

    We've just released 3 new add-on rules at:
    <ul type="square">[*]HTML-to-Text: converts HTML markup into simple formatted text.[*]HTML Tidy: uses the HTML Tidy program to reformat and clean-up HTML markup.[*]INI files, sorted: sorts ini files by section and key name, and removes comments.[/list]The new HTML rules will conflict with the default HTML rules. You can rearrange the rules to give priority to one of them in the Options dialog, and you can pick a particular one using the Pick Rules command in the file viewer's Tools menu. All three rules are read-only.

    Also, on Friday, Jan. 8, we added a new knowledge base article that covers using BC with an SFTP connection:
    ZoŽ P Scooter Software

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    Default Re: New add-on rules and knowledge base article

    The HTML-to-Text is very usefull . And the HTML Tidy is not so good, but still better than the standard HTML when many tags are added, deleted, changed or moved.

    Thanks a lot
    Michel Dessaintes
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