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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    Not yet. We do not have a pop up dialog to warn if conflicts still exist. We do show a summary in the bottom status bar that states the number of conflicts, so you can check there to verify it is 0 before saving and closing.
    What is the latest status of this feature? Is there a way to tell conflicts exist besides status bar?

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    The status bar and the Prev/Next Conflict buttons will be colored if there is a conflict, as well as the gutter area of the input panes and the full Thumbnail preview in the Output pane. Issuing the Next Conflict command would also immediately navigate to the first conflict, or you can set an option to go to the first difference on load. Also, the Display Filter Show Conflicts can also be used to quickly limit the view to only conflict sections.

    A dialog pop-up to warn of conflicts is still on our wishlist. There are several preview methods and commands that can be used to find them in the current release.
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