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    Default Script very slow in BC 3.17 compard to BC2

    I have both BC 2 and then BC3 on my machine.

    1. I used to run BC2 script for backup using sync left to right.

    2. Recently I ran same script through BC3. It is very slow.

    3. ON analysing in non-silent mode, it is clear that load comparison has become very slow. That took 4 min in BC2 and is not finishing even in 50 min in BC3, so I cancelled and did my backups using BC2.

    Now what can I do to start using scripts in BC3?


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    I would guess that your default comparison criteria in BC2 and BC3 are configured differently. You may have a timestamp/size comparison by default in BC2, but use a Binary, CRC, or Rules-based scan by default in BC3.

    Could you email us a copy of the script to and also include your from BC2 and BC3. Both zips would be generated by launching BC2 and BC3 and going to the Help menu -> Support; Export. With these files we could verify if there are any differences.
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