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    Question FTP Username and Password within scripts

    Hi all,

    Just been wondering how to setup the system so we dont need to specify the username and password within the script files themselves for FTP?

    We have setup two ftp profiles but I have no idea how to call them either but I think this is the way to go. Any help would be great.

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    Hello Shaun,

    You can call an FTP profile by using the FTP Profile's name (in the Tools menu -> FTP Profiles).

    This is often in the format ftp://username@ip/
    With the option to Save Password when used. Try loading it once in the graphical interface to see if you need the password. Once you get it loading in the graphical interface, you can use the load command in script to load two folders (one of which is your FTP Profile) or a saved session containing your ftp profile.
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