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    Default BC Standard and Clearcase

    I have Beyond Compare version 3 standard edition which doesn’t support 3-way merge. I integrated Beyond Compare with ClearCase and see big advantages in using it over the file comparison utility that came with ClearCase. However the comparison tool included in ClearCase is capable comparing more than 2 revisions and after the integration I am missing this useful feature. If I select more than 2 revisions the Beyond Compare would show only two. Would it be possible to somehow configure the BC–CC integration so when the BC is used only if two file revisions are compared?
    I followed the instructions and modified four lines in the CC map file (compare, xcompare, merge and xmerge). What are they for? Can I get what I want if I configure only some of them to the BC utility and some others to the original CC tool?

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    The "xcompare" line tells ClearCase to use BC for interactive 2-way comparisons. The "compare" one is used for command line comparisons. The "merge" and "xmerge" ones are used for interactive and command line 3-way merges.

    So, use BC for the "xcompare" and "compare" lines and use the ClearCase tool on the "merge" and "xmerge" ones, and it will work exactly like you want it too.
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