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    Default How to prevent changes to adjacent lines from being marked as a conflict?

    BeyondCompare 3-way merge marks changes to adjacent lines as a conflict. How do I tell it to go ahead and merge adjacent changes without conflicts?

    For example, if I modify an existing line in a text file, while another has added a new line just below it, as show below, 3-way merge marks boths lines as a conflict:

    base:existing line

    local:existing line changed

    right:existing line
    +new line

    I've tried selecting "Only different change lines" on the Session Settings Align tab. That does not appear to have any affect.

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    Hi Sam,

    To merge adjacent changes without conflicts in the Text Merge, select "Session > Session Settings". Go to the "Alignment" tab. Change the "A merge conflict is" setting to "Only different change lines". Change the dropdown at the bottom of the dialog to "Also update session defaults", then click OK.

    If you don't change the dropdown it will only affect the current merge.
    Chris K Scooter Software

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