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    Default total noob question, you've answered it 100 times

    never mind - i figured it out - Session control - hope it's persistant across sessions !!


    I apologize in advance - i looked through several pages of older threads and opened a few that looked relevant .. here goes.

    Folder comparisons show all my files as different, when in fact they aren't different in content. I go through them one by one and the first line is highlighted, but identical on both sides. Then down-arrow takes me to the next file with the first line highlighted ... etc.

    I figure it is time stamps that are triggering this, but i can't find where in options to turn it off.

    Again - sry for the noob question.

    Just for the staff to know - the most critical use i have for SS BC is the following scenario -

    I check in a bunch of code (i use TFS) from a folder. I copy my checkin mapped folder up to a network share. Somebody makes an installer that is supposed to have my changes incorporated.

    I run the installer, then compare what the installer has versus what i expect to be there, in order to verify my changes made it through the byzantine rules of the installation.

    But to compare, i have to go file by file and verify that only the first line is highlighted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcp101 View Post
    never mind - i figured it out - Session control - hope it's persistant across sessions !!
    If you want a change in session settings to be the default for all future new sessions, change the context dropdown from "Use for this view only" to "Also update session defaults" before clicking OK to save your session settings.
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    Session Settings are by design not persistant. They are meant to be used for that specific session/comparison, which can then be saved for future comparison.

    You can set defaults, so that all future comparisons use specific session settings, or save the session.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.
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