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> Many (most?) editors overlap on page up/down.
UE12 and UE15 don't overlap.

If this feature will make it in a future release of BC3 I suggest make it a tweak where the user can select the number of lines to overlap at page up/down (0..oo).
More thoughts on this... if you don't want to make it configurable as Lutz suggested, then setting it up like I've described in the previous post (last full line scrolls off the screen on scroll) is the next best thing. Users that want to see an overlap can set the BC pane size so that the last line is a pixel or two short of a full line. This will cause the line to re-appear at the top of the screen on a scroll. Users that don't want overlap can set the last line to a full line (or a pixel or two more).

If a tweak were added (as Lutz suggested) then it could simply equate to how many more lines to offset than the default (i.e. how many full lines to retain with the default being zero).