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    Unhappy Connection Forcibly closed (from one location)

    Hey All, I'm brand new to BC, so be gentle...

    FTP upload/download to my site works fine from home

    When I log in from school, I can connect then get booted by my FTP server, message "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host".

    From school I can use other software (like Expression Web) to connect via FTP to my server.

    So, any suggestions for settings on BC? I realize in an academic setting they have the firewalls clamped down, but as I can FTP from other software and cannot with BC, logic tells me there is some setting somewhere I need to address.

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    I see this is the same as an email sent to support I replied to yesterday.

    Are you currently using the latest BC3 release (3.1.2 currently)? You can configure different settings under Tools -> FTP Profiles, specific or Default profile.

    Does Expression Web use PASV or PORT mode to connect? Could you send us a copy of your log when using BC3 to connect, and when using another client to connect?
    To get a copy of our Log, simply try to connect to the FTP, then click the Save Log (Disk Icon) in the lower left next to the Log pane (bottom pane that shows the Connection text).
    Does Filezilla connect for you? (their log may be useful, since it is usually detailed).

    Please send log information to since this is a public forum. We can then help you through there, and post a reply here when we find a solution.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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