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    Default How to automatically install on linux with a license key.

    BC3 allowed you to automatically apply your license during installation by copying it to a file named BC3Key.txt in the same directory as the installer.

    But on linux(CentOS5 or RHEL5), I have not succeed yet.
    Does anyone know the way to do that on Linux?

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    I'm running a Debian-based distro, not CentOS5 or RHEL5.

    My license key is in ~/.beyondcompare/BC3Key.txt. That file was probably created by BC when I pasted the license key into the registration dialog, but creating the file manually would probably work too.

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    Yes, BC3.1.1 for Linux doesn't have a way to register for all users during installation. Adding support to register for all users is on our todo list.

    Other than pasting the license key into the registration dialog, copying to the ".beyondcompare/BC3Key.txt" file in the user's home directory is the only other way to register the Linux version.
    Chris K Scooter Software

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