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    Andy Stevenson Guest

    Default Default session settings for Folder Compare

    With the latest build (#440 - 10/26), when I change the Default Session Settings for the directory comparison, they don't always stick.

    To repro:
    1) Open the default session settings for Folder Compare and select Comparision tab
    2) Say Use Factory. Exit
    3) Repeat #1. this time, unselect "Compare timestamps" and change to "Rules-based"
    4) Exit.
    5) Repeat #1. Note that changes were not saved.

    If I downgrade to the previous version, make the change in step 3, then upgrade to the current version, then the setting is honored. So that's what I'll do for today.

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    Thanks, Andy. Today's build 441 also has the problem. We'll get it fixed for the next release.
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