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    Exclamation "Just Selection" hang... or maybe not

    - Open a folder compare
    - Use context menu on a folder to Synchronize: Mirror to Right
    - Read the forum and learn how you could have made it a contextual operation
    - Use context menu again and select Mirror to Right to open Sync dialog
    - Note Sycn dialog reports Nothing to do!
    - Click the Just Selection checkbox
    - BC hangs. Bummer!
    - Leave BC up in background and return to forum to write up a bug report.
    - Start creating a report, then take a break - go get some coffee. Take several minutes.
    - Return to find BC is not hung anymore. Curious. Try it again. Yepper, it's real.

    A wise sage once said, "It takes a long time to understand nothing." I guess that includes "Nothing to do" also.

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    Hi Greg!

    Sorry, but I'm not able to reproduce your described scenario.
    BC3 hangs at no time while doing the listes commands.

    Can you make a screenshot or even better a screencast of you hanging situation?
    Is the BC3 GUI only unresponsive or does the process have 100% cpu-usage?
    What exact version of operating system and BC3 are you using?
    What kind of folders are you syncing (FTP, NTFS, network-share, ...)?


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