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    Post Using 'Scheduled Tasks' to execute script not terminating correctly.

    Great product, now I'm trying to use it to further it's capibilities by scripting what I normally do by hand.

    script executes, but does clear the 'Running' status in Scheduled Tasks, causing the script to not be able to run again once intially started unless I manually 'end task'

    I can see the files being sync'd just fine, it is just not closing in Scheduled Tasks.

    I saw this issue on another system and it was due to the 'Run as' user not having the right password.

    Here's the script

    log verbose "C:\scripts\Synclog.txt"
    load "Z:\Share\folder1" "Z:\Share\folder2"
    sync create-empty mirror:lt->rt

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Resolved

    I put the 'run' line into a batch and called that out and it is now working.
    Thanks again for a great product. It has helped me sync 4TB of data on a daily basis.

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