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    Hm, yes, I thought it would make it impossible to see indentation changes that way, but they are just visible in red now, which is ok-ish. Btw, to completely get rid of the blue parts in the above example, the option "orphan lines are always important" needs to be selected as well.

    I can live with this for now, but this way I actually make all whitespace everywhere and all orphan lines important. Generally, I would prefer to have some separate options to make whitespace elements important only in "important" orphan lines (i.e. those orphan lines that have at least some other important elements - keyword, base text, i.e. not comments).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik View Post
    1. Type [Shift+Ctrl+T] to open the Tweaks dialog.
    2. Switch to the "Text Editors" page.
    3. Check "Show Syntax highlighting on difference lines".
    4. Click "OK".

    You'll probably have to adjust your file compare colors as well.
    Awesome just what I needed!

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    In BC4, we also worked to help expose our Tweaks a bit more: Options dialog, Tweaks section, and this is the first option in our 'Editor Display' section.
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