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    Default SoundBank clean up?

    Hi newbie here...
    I'm no programmer so please guys don't be to "technical" with me...

    I have 40 GB worth of sound FX but I know that when they were converted from CD, some mistakes have been made from the original ASCII list.

    Is there a way to compare the content of a folder to a txt file?

    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: SoundBank clean up?

    Hi apman,

    It isn't possible to directly compare a folder to a text file that lists filenames.

    However, you can have Beyond Compare write the directory listing of the converted files to a text file, then compare that file to your original list file.

    Load the folder in Beyond Compare, then View|Expand All. Edit|Select All Files, then Actions|Copy Filename. Create a new text file and paste the filenames into the file.

    Once you have the new directory listing file, you can compare it to your original txt file list.
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    Or replicate the process by which the original list was created, like 'find . -name "*.wav" -ls >new_list.txt' and compare to that. Depending on when the list covers multiple directories, you might try sorting both the new and old lists first, so as not to confuse files in the wrong location for files that do not exist.
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