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    Load " E:\A" " F:\B"
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    Select left.newer.files left.orphan.files
    Copy left-> Right
    如果”F:\b“不存在则直接导致脚本无法继续下去, 希望能增加一个选项 如果 目标 基准目录不存在则自动创建 [条件只限定LEFT->RIGHT 的RIGHT,建议copy left->right放到第一句这样这样,Load " E:\A" " F:\B"才能判断哪边是源基准目录 哪边是目标基准目录] 希望你能看懂 我所表达的 意思。让BC更智能 更加减少人工参与。
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    nice idea ,bump to the top. I didn't join the beta of free browser game Clash of Olympus, so I want to find some guides from Dotmmo. But Dotmmo lets us follow the quests and missions because this game is too easy.
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