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    Default LOC counts for new files

    I use Beyond Compare for, among other things, measuring lines of code in source code files. To do this I use the Statistics layout of the File Differences Report. I can easily measure the new and changed LOC between two files or two directory trees, which is great. However, if I simply want to measure the LOC for new files, the method I use is a kludge. I create a new, empty file or directory and then compare the code I want to measure with it.

    This works, but I am now developing instructions for other developers to do this, and I wish there were a more straightforward/elegant way. Do any of you have any suggestions?


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    Default Re: LOC counts for new files

    For a baseline SLOC, it should work to only load a folder on the left side of the Folder Viewer, then use the File Differences Report command to generate statistics.
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    Default Re: LOC counts for new files

    Thank you, that works very well. I prefer to load the file or folder just on the right side instead, so that the report shows the lines as added rather than deleted:

    Added file "<filename>"
    Important Lines Unimportant Lines
    0 original line(s) 0 original line(s)
    1640 line(s) added 913 line(s) added
    0 line(s) deleted 0 line(s) deleted
    0 line(s) modified 0 line(s) modified

    This solves my problem and I appreciate the quick response.


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