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    Default Script Multiple Profiles but Wait for User Action

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Yes, it is possible to have multiple actions in a single script.

    Example script:

    load c:\folder1 c:\folder2
    sync update:lt->rt
    load c:\folder3 c:\folder4
    sync update:lt->rt

    To run the script, use "BC2.exe @script.txt"

    You can also write a script that takes paths as variables.

    load %1 %2
    sync update:lt->rt

    Then use a batch file to call the script for each pair of folders.

    bc2.exe @script.txt c:\folder1 c:\folder2
    bc2.exe @script.txt c:\folder3 c:\folder4
    This is almost exactly what I was planning on doing, but with one difference: I don't want any synching to be done automatically.

    What I have: Multiple folder pairs, that may or not be syncing at the end of the day

    What I need:
    • Load profile and compare folders
    • No differences found? Great: open next profile/folder pair
    • Differences found? Wait for user action.
    • User chooses action
    • Open next profile/folder pair

    Is this somehow viable?

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    Sorry, not without external scripting to control which sessions are opened. If user interaction is needed, I would recommend opening every Sync in new tabs. This would open Sync even with nothing to do, but this would allow the user to visually confirm and dismiss those messages, moving on to the next tab and then committing syncs as they need to.

    Do you need to control which profiles are loaded on the fly, or can these be saved as sessions ahead of time? You can call a set of Sync session names from the command line in a .bat file:
    bcompare.exe "session1"
    bcompare.exe "session2"
    bcompare.exe "session3"

    Or a single workspace that loads all of them:
    bcompare.exe "workspaceName"

    If you need to pass in a folder pair, this will be trickier since the command line does not force the Folder Sync session type, but the Folder Compare Session type, which does not have a saved/preferred method of syncing.
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