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    Default Integrating Beyond Compare in Ultraedit


    I need to replace the default merge utility (Ultra Compare Lite) in Ultraedit with Beyond Compare. I have done this before, unfortunately I'm unable to recall or find it. I recall it involves editing uedit32.ini. Can anyone help?

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    Default Re: Integrating Beyond Compare in Ultraedit

    Yes, I can!

    From uemanual.pdf:
    How can I use a different compare application?
    By default selecting the Compare Files command in the File menu invokes UltraEdit's own compare utility. If you prefer to use a different compare application you may do this by adding the following setting to the uedit32.ini file (normally in the Windows/Wintt directory) under the [Settings] section:

    Compare EXE = "fully qualified path of EXE"
    Greetings Lutz

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    Default Re: Integrating Beyond Compare in Ultraedit

    Thanks Lutz! Got it working. I had to copy the modified uedit32.ini to the C:\Windows folder before Ultraedit picked up on it..

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    Default This is a big BUMP but...

    ...I take it this is no longer possible with the latest version of UE? I don't see the ability in the help files and it seems as tho' he has fully integrated his file compare product.

    I'd much rather use my BeyondCompare...

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    Setting "Compare EXE" in the ini file works, a little. It will call BC, but it only supports two-way text comparisons, and it doesn't properly quote the paths, so if you try comparing files with spaces in their paths it won't work.

    If you replace UCL.exe in the UltraEdit install directory with a copy of BComp.exe (not BCompare.exe) it will call BC, and it appears to work correctly. It's limited to the lite features though, so it doesn't support folder compares or merges. I'll look into it a bit and see if we can trick it into thinking BC is the full UltraCompare product.
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