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    Default Add browse button for merge result pane

    Today I missed a browse button (BB) in the merge result pane [Pro,build-444].

    (1) The BB should be as similar to the browse button of left/center/right panes as possible.
    (2) The BB should have a drop down menu containing entries...
    (2.1) Browse file... (opening dialog box enabling selection of either existing creating new file.)
    (2.2) Save Clipboard
    (2.3) Use left pane
    (2.4) Use center pane
    (2.5) Use right pane

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    Thanks, Alex.

    If the path edit for the output pane is empty, the Save icon opens a Save As dialog so you can browse to an existing file or create a new one. In the next release, the path edit will have the left, center and right paths in the dropdown list.
    Tim T Scooter Software

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