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    Red face Attachments - PNG preferred. Other picture formats accepted.

    We support attachments now, especially for screenshots. .jpg works the best, so please compress and save into that format for the best results. It also has a higher resolution limit, so you will be able to upload 'bigger' pictures in that format.

    Scratch the jpg comment. We actually prefer .png. .gif and .jpg will also work. I've upped the filesize and resolution restrictions on all the formats except for bmp.
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    Actually, in my experience if you need readable screenshots, PNG works best, then GIF, last of all JPG.

    To reduce filesize for both GIF and PNG, reduce color resolution - mostly 8 (or even 4) bits per pixel will keep text crisply sharp, though colors will not be entirely accurate. (That trick wil work even for BMP, and can make a huge difference in filesize.) For screenshots that mostly works out better than accurate colors with blurry text.
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