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    Default How to copy file in BC4 File compare view?

    Hello, I did see a thread about this, but the instructions did not work for me.
    I open up a session for text compare, select my files on both sides, then save the session.

    I wish to be able to copy from my saved file on one side to the other, without having to manually copy each line(section) over.

    How can I do this?

    Thank you.

    BTW, using the latest version of BC4 for Windows.

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    If executing as a child session from a parent Folder Compare, the Text Compare's Search menu -> Copy File to Right and open next different files. Is this the thread you found from earlier?

    If launching as a standalone Text Compare, you could perform a Select All and copy the entire content from one side to the other, then save. Or, you can select and Copy the destination file path from the base file path at the top, then select the Source side and use the File menu -> Save File As, and overwrite the destination file.
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