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    Default Preserve Modified date stamp when copying folders to other drives

    Up front: I don't want to steal a thread of someone else.

    There have been quite a number of requests for this feature.
    Some earlier thread titles, see below.

    It is a problem of most synchronize tools: they create new date stamps.

    That is the way Explorer apparently works. Users have to update folder date afterwards using, for instance, Touch.
    Note: instead of Windows Explorer I use Directory Opus. The modified date stamp is preserved when using Directory Opus. I am used to that. In fact I didn't know that Explorer works differently...

    Anyway, Beyond Compare has Touch, i.e. it has a feature to correct this behavior afterwards: copy old date-time stamp over the new one. Should be done manually though.

    Suggestion/question: why not add this as an option?
    So Beyond Compare corrects the modified date stamp to read after source (old) automatically.


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    Thanks. This is a wishlist item, and I'll add your notes/example to our entry on the subject. Also note, as soon as you copy any item into a folder, it updates the timestamp, so it can commonly update externally from the original sync or using BC4.

    As for the smartphone, it is failing with the Touch command? Some devices or protocols can reject setting the timestamp. BC4 does attempt to preserve during file transfers, but some destinations will update this to the time of the transfer instead. The BC4 Touch command can then sometimes override this, but not always if the destination side prevents it.
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