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    Lightbulb How long has there been a Pro version of BC4?

    I just found out today that there is a Pro version with extra features available! How long has this been around? Can't wait to check it out.

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    BC4 Pro has existed since the introduction of BC4 (September 2014, earlier for betas).

    BC3 Pro also existed as far back as the introduction of BC3 (July 2008, earlier for betas).

    There was no BC2 Pro.

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    BC3 introduced Standard and Pro pricing to help hit BC2's pricing (Standard) but offer the large feature set developed for BC3 (Pro). The trial can run in Pro or Standard mode. Go to the Help menu -> About dialog, and where it would say Std/Pro is a checkbox when in trial mode. If you are already registered for Std, you can revert to trial mode with this guide to test out Pro before purchase is necessary:
    And if already a Std user, you can Upgrade to Pro for the price difference:

    And a list of features to test out while in Pro mode, here:
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