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    Default Does BC4 support conflict resolution using single input in diff or diff3 format.


    Does BC4 have the ability to
    1) Open a text file that contains conflict markers in the diff or diff3 format
    2) Allow the user to navigate through the conflicts and resolve the conflicts in the bc4 conflict resolver UI

    In effect, BC4 should not to re-calculate the file differences itself, but support the conflict resolution process based only on the input file containing the diff conflict markers.

    For example, a very simple 2 way diff format input file with conflicts would be

    <<<<<<< A
    line from A
    line from B
    >>>>>>> B

    Many Thanks,

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    Thanks for the feedback. BC4 does not currently support parsing out the conflict markers as a comparison, but is something on our wishlist.

    If you had something in a Patch format, the Tools menu -> View Patch would work similar to your request, but does not support the conflict marker layout.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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