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    Default FTP change drive on server side

    Hi all.

    I am trying to get BC4 ( Version 4.1.7 (build 21529)) to connect using FTP to a FTP server.

    Using Filezilla under the Sitemanager -> General tab : Host , connection type,password and username
    and under advanced tab : under "Default remote directory" I can put in a drive letter ex. K:\
    And that works.
    Have tried different options in BC4 , but cant get them to work.

    Are there anyone that can advice how to get BC4 to connect and use another drive then the default on the server?

    Best regards Claus

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    Yes, although not as part of the profile. First, configure the profile as you need to (Tools menu -> Profiles dialog). Then, in a Folder Compare session, click either side's Browse button, select your profile, and expand the folder preview list to select the specific subfolder. Or you can type directly into the Folder Compare's base folder path with the full path syntax, such as ftp://user@ftpaddress/subfolder/

    After connecting using Filezilla, what does the path present itself as in the connection log or in the folder path of the main interface? This syntax can likely be copied/pasted into BC4's path.
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