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    Default Hang during hex compare copy

    I've encountered an issue where, during hex comparison of two relatively small binary-coded files, selecting a section to copy and then copying into the other file will cause BC4 to hang. The copy is never done, even leaving it to run for several hours.
    Due to forum limits, you can find some sample files at the link here.

    Testing was done by selecting the entire files contents and attempting to move them over to the other file. I've tested with the following file sizes: 1kB, 10kB, 100kB, ~1MB, ~10MB, ~200MB. Slowness appears at the 10kB mark, 100kB takes about a minute, 1.21MB seems to never finish and I was not going to wait to see how long any of the others would take. Note that this is on a relatively fast, recent i7 processor with plenty of memory to spare.

    Hopefully this is helpful for you!

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    Thanks for the report. I've reproduced this and it looks like it depends on the overall size of the files (small files avoid the issue). I'll open a tracker entry to investigate.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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