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    Default Setting default session type by file extension

    I frequently am comparing .csv files, and want to do that as a text compare.

    In an older version I found an option somewhere to specify that csv files should be compared as text. But I can't find such an option in the current version.

    I end up first running the compare as a csv compare, and then changing the session type. Which is getting very tiresome.

    Is there still such an option, and if so, where?


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    In the Tools menu -> File Formats dialog, you have a default Table format for associated with *.csv files. You can use the New (+) button to create a new Text format, and give it a custom name and also associate it with *.csv for the file mask. Whichever format is higher in the list is the one used automatically, while the other format will be used when appropriate (if already in a Table Compare, for example).

    This way, you can control which session type is used by default, as well as various Format settings.
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