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    Question Compare not showing in Right Click context menu

    When I previously used this software, I had the ability to right-click on a folder and in the context menu select to assign to Left Window, then upon right clicking on another folder, I had the option to compare to the previously assigned folder. That options does not exist for me. How do I turn it on?

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    The option is controlled in the Tools menu -> Options dialog, in the Start-up section, then enable "Include Beyond Compare in Explorer context menu."

    Please be sure you are running the latest release (BC 4.2.6), and have restarted your computer.

    If you are still having trouble, please email into with your (Help menu -> Support; Export) and we can help get it working.

    Update: Noticed this is in the BC3 forum. The above directions still apply, except for checking that you are running the latest BC3 release:
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