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    I am using an external tool from National Instruments to view differences on TestStand sequences. I defined a File Fomat for "*.seq" files launching the tool as:
    Compare view command line -> "C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\TestStand 2010 SP1\Bin\FileDiffer.exe" "%1" "%2"

    With standard sequences it works without problem. But in case the sequence is inside a ZIP file, BC4 is passing as file argument: "C:\Temp\\Trace.seq". Which is not supported by NI Viewer.

    I could write some small tool to extract the files and then launch Nationals Viewer, but I wonder if there is any option to force BC4 to create the temporary files and pass them to the external tool or even if someone already had this problem and already has a solution...



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    Not currently. It is on our wishlist to generate temp files as an input from an archive, but it is not a feature we'll be able to tackle short-term. I'll add your use case notes to our wishlist entry on the subject.
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