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    Default Comparing two computers hard drives

    I’d like to use this tool to compare two separate computers hard drives before I reinstall windows and wipe out everything on my existing computer. I have copied all my files to a new computer but I just want to make sure I have everything before reinstall. Can this to do this?

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    Yes, you can compare hard drives on two different computers using a Beyond Compare snapshot.

    On the old computer, run Beyond Compare.
    Select Tools > Save Snapshot.
    Enter c:\ as the folder, then click OK.

    Copy the snapshot file to the new computer.
    On the new computer, run the Folder Compare.
    On one side, load c:\, on the other side, load the snapshot file.
    Select View > Show Differences to limit the display to files that are different.

    Snapshot files contain a directory listing that includes filename, path, size, and modified timestamp. They can optionally include CRC values. Snapshots can be loaded like folders in the Folder Compare to track changes to a folder structure over time or to compare a folder structure from a separate computer.
    Chris K Scooter Software

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