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    Default Show Similar files (but not different, and not matching)

    This isn't very easy in BC4.

    I did find an old thread for BC3 that mentions how to do it, but the procedure doesn't work in BC4. I ended up installing BC3 to do it.

    If this could be made to work, or updated instructions, or better still an option in the view menu dropdown (it's got everything else it seems!!) that would be great.

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    BC3 and BC4 would function similarly with those steps, but your BC3 install might be running with different settings than a new BC4 install. For example, those steps would assume that a Rules-based scan is enabled (off by default for both BC3 and BC4) to allow Ignore Unimportant to ignore on content. To enable the Rules-based scan in BC3/BC4, go to the Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab. Leave the defaults enabled (timestamp, size, override), and also enable the Content Compare: Rules-based. Then step through the process of excluding/ignoring all Different Files with Ignore Unimportant enabled, and then disabling Ignore Unimportant to show only files that contain Only Unimportant Differences.
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