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    Default Unimportant differences that change depending on type of line


    I have files with multiple line formats in them, and I'm wondering if I can somehow match the line type (perhaps with a regex) and then use a certain set of grammar elements / unimportant differences specific to that type of line.

    So, as a made up example

    Line starts with ABC means that columns 7 - 15 and 90 - 97 are unimportant
    Line starts with DEF means that columns 20 - 30 are unimportant
    Line does not start with either ABC or DEF but has HIJ in column 70 - 72 - that means that column 15 - 20 are unimportant
    Any other line that does not fit in one of the categories means just do a normal text compare with everything is important

    Thanks for any tips

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    Sorry, it isn't possible to do this in Beyond Compare. Hierarchical, conditional, or two-level grammar element definitions are on the feature request list for a future version.
    Chris K Scooter Software

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