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    Default How could one show only folders identical by their contents?

    How could one show only folders identical by their contents (each file in a folder is identical by content and filename - or with different file name - with a file in the other folder)?
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    BC4's comparison performs alignment first and then comparison. If the file names match, they would align and then be compared based on the defined comparison criteria. If the file names differ, then they do not align and are shown as Orphan which counts as a type of Difference. We do not have a method to scan and align on content when file names differ. You can manually align files of different names, or if the name change is static, a Alignment Override can be defined for that name change, which will allow the files to align and then compare.

    Folder coloring inherits based on all of the files within. If all file pairs are equal, then the folder will show as an equal color. The View menu -> Legend can show the different color combinations.
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