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    Red face how can I export the scripts from UI

    I meet an issue when I using the BC.
    I can easily compare 2 folders on UI with some rules setting, it is so easy to realize.

    however I want to do this by script and cmdline, and it is hard for me to create a script to do this.
    So I want to export the script which I did on UI as a reference.
    How can I export the script from UI? Would you please give me a hand?


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    There is no method to export from clicking buttons into the script text. However, the script commands generally refer back to buttons or commands in a sequential order, so with the scripting reference you can find which line goes with which command. Some settings (rules) need to be configured in the main interface; scripting then uses the values set in the interface and saved with a saved session or as the new global default.

    For a report, if you've already set the interface with a saved session you can:
    load the session
    Edit menu -> Expand all subfolders
    session menu -> Folder Compare Report

    then the script would be something like bcscript.txt:
    load "session name"
    expand all
    folder-report layout:side-by-side output-to:"c:\bcreports\bcreportname.html" output-options:html-color

    And you call bcscript.txt from the command line with:
    "c:\program files\beyond compare 4\bcompare.exe" "@c:\bcscripts\bcscript.txt"
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    it really help, thanks a lot!

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