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    Question Show folder size (including subfolder)?

    Is there a way to show folder size (including subfolders)? So essentially du -s of that folder. That would be very helpful when deciding if an entire folder is worth copying over. And, since BC is walking the subfolders anyway, it shouldn't add much performance cost (at least when subfolder walking is turned on).


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    As long as all child items are loaded within a folder, the total size is displayed in the subfolder above that level. Top level orphan folders do not auto-calculate unless the Session Setting, Handling Tab: "automatically scan top-level orphan subfolders" is enabled on load (or after a Refresh). Or issuing an Expand All will also trigger the calculation.

    If any item below is unable to calculate, then the Size column remains blank. You'll then need to navigate into the subfolders to find the unloaded (or error) item below.
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