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    Default compare problem

    By default, BC4 considers changes in spaces to be "unimportant differences", which is as I wish. However, I often find myself comparing files which originally had hard-tabs, but now have spaces because my editor is set to "replace tabs with spaces". However, BC4 does not consider the hard tabs to be equivalent to a group of spaces, so it shows such lines as being changed.

    Is there some way I can set BC4 to consider changes in *both* tabs and spaces to be "unimportant differences" ???

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    Tabs and spaces are normally unimportant, but if your spaces or tabs are within another grammar element definition, then it could match that definition. If you click just left of the tab characters, the grammar element name should be displayed in the bottom status bar of that text pane. If it is part of Default Text, it could also be a difference between Leading, Embedded, and Trailing whitespace options, all of which are different importance options (unchecked to make unimportant).

    Could you post or email specific example files or a full screen screenshot? If emailed, please include a link back to this forum thread for our reference.
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