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    Default Grammar rules resetting

    When I do an ad-hoc comparison (right-click file, choose left side, right-click, choose other side) the grammar rules are being reset to show what I had deemed unimportant.

    So whenever I do this type of comparison it shows all the grammar I told it ignore the last time.

    Why is BC not saving the settings? It knows the format of the two files, but can't figure out to keep the grammar rules?


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    Hello Rob,

    The File Format loads based on the file extension, but the Importance is controlled by the session settings. The quick solution is to update the default session settings (importance). When loading your files, uncheck the Importance in the Session Settings -> Importance tab, but before checking Ok, swap the bottom dropdown from "Only use for this view" to "Also update session defaults".
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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