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    Default How to ignore keywords in Folder Compare

    Does anyone know the best way to ignore lines with specific keywords in a "Folder Compare"?
    I have .c files with "$Source" and "$Revision$" keywords in the file headers that I would like ignored for all files in the folder and sub-folders.

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    Double click on a pair of files in the Folder Compare, and follow this guide to mark that text as Unimportant.

    When you are unchecking the grammar element name (mathcing what you want Unimportant, and unchecking the Importance tab items makes it Unimportant), before clicking Ok you can change the dropdown from "Use for this view only" to either:
    "Use for all files in parent session" (for the specific folder compare, which you go back to and Session menu -> Save Session)
    "Also update session defaults" (to use this unimportance definition for all future folder comparisons).
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