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    I have two series of screenshots (of installing a program and all its settings) in two different folders.
    Certainly a number of steps will be the same, but there will be differences.

    Is there a way to show the files in thumbnail mode, so I can 'merge' missing files from one folder to the other
    whilst skipping non-important files. So, bottom line I will have 1 folder with a comlete series of steps and I can
    delete the other folder with redundant files.

    Maybe it is possible, I don't know.
    I never used that option, IF at all it is available - vainly searched for it.


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    The Folder Compare view mode uses a smaller list-like view, but it can compare side-by-side to find and compare files that align, or are missing ("orphan" status), assuming the same folder structure and file names on both sides. Do you screenshots have the same names on the left and right? You can also set a File Name Filter to exclude unimportant files, such as only include *.png or *.jpg if you have screenshots mixed in with other file types to show only the pictures.
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