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    Default BC Development

    Obviously BC is cross platform - so I'm just wondering what your development environment / language is ?

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    Beyond Compare is written using a combination of Delphi XE and XE7 on Windows using the VCL widget set, and Free Pascal and Lazarus on macOS and Linux, with an intermediary layer to allow using the same form files and source code in both. It's been written in Delphi since the initial 1.0 release.

    I've talked about it a few times over the years. In reverse chronological order:

    Development Language used for Mac Version

    Why QT3 (details in the comments)

    Linux version doing with Kylix (outdated)

    v4.1 switched the Linux build from Kylix to Lazarus with the Qt4 backend, but is still using Carbon on macOS (hence why it's stuck as a 32-bit app). We're currently working on updating it to Delphi 10.2 Tokyo, the Qt5 backend on Linux, and Cocoa on macOS.
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