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    Default Find Duplicate Files within a Single File Structure?

    I have a large file structure where duplicate files could exist in any subfolder within the structure. If you just put the top level folder in both the left and right panes, and do a flattened same compare, the results will just be the list of all files (since each file find a duplicate of itself in the same subfolder - of course!).
    Is there a way to exclude comparing files to themselves, and just identify other duplicates in other subfolders?

    Top Level Folder
    Subfolder A
    - FileABC <-- duplicate --|
    Subfolder B |
    Subfolder C |
    - FileABC <-- duplicate --|
    Subfolder D

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    No, not directly. BC4 does not have a top-level duplicate scan. Handling duplicates is something on our wishlist, but it's a large project (such as a dedicated session or large enhancement to the Folder Compare).
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