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    Default A quick question about Folder Compare or Folder Sync or Folder Merge

    I'm trying to understand the best use-cases for each of the above Folders features (eg. what would you use each for and why would you use it over one of the other options for that scenario), as they've always confused me a little given they do a similar thing.

    I was hoping to find this kind of information in the Help.

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    The Folder Compare is a side-by-side comparison, with a bunch of tools for comparison, copying, etc. It has synchronization tools, as well, but we also have a Folder Sync session.

    The Folder Sync is a specialized two-way Sync, with fewer commands than Folder Compare but all of the sync commands. The large preview pane also offers customization of the sync.

    The Folder Merge is a 3-way merging session, where the center pane should be a common ancestor of the other two. This is most often used in version control scenarios that support real directories (for BC4 to open)

    We have brief descriptions here as well:
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