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    Default NEED HELP?

    I have two HTML files containing (almost) the same content.

    Due to the use of two differenct authoring tools it's hard to compare the HTML source they created because one authoring tool breaks long source code lines while the other doesn't.

    So I want to compare both files *after* HTML white-space canonicalization has taken place. Either the canonicalized source or the resulting HTML in "WYSIWYG" view.

    Is this possible with Beyond Compare

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    A difference in line breaks will always be a difference for BC4. For comparison, you can normalize both files using a tidy process. We have an HTML Tidied for download, here:

    Note, if you save in the tidied formatting, it will save with the new line breaks. You can go to the Tools menu -> File Formats dialog, and edit the new format to have Editing Disabled to prevent accidentally saving/altering your files.

    You can also use custom conversion processes, which are documented here:
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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