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    Exclamation Timestamp - copied files don't preserve original timestamps ... ! How to fix???

    When copying and even moving files, without rhyme or reason (to me) some of the files get copied/moved over with the current date and time*** rather than preserving the original file's date and time, which is definitely what is what is needed!

    How can this be forced during the copy/move processes?

    Version control becomes so very difficult when this happens since names/numbering aren't matching up to dates/times when sorting files, etc.

    Thank you!

    (*** Especially when copying/moving to external media, incl. smartphones.)
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    This behavior is generally controlled by the destination device. BC4 attempts to preserve the timestamp, but if this is rejected, it is set to the time of the transfer.

    If you attempt the same copy using Windows Explorer, do you see the same behavior? Also, when testing with phones and mtp, etc, you may want to fully disconnect and reconnect the device to check timestamp values; we sometimes see buggy behavior with different devices.
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