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    Default Profile cannot connect to Subversion via ssh


    I am trying to set up a profile to reach a subversion repository on a Linux machine via ssh.
    The instructions are simple, they say to specify the URL of the server as svn://server/ .
    This leaves a couple obvious questions. If the repository is located at /path/to/repository on the
    Linux machine, how does BC know that? I tried svn://server/path/to/repository, svn+ssh://server/path/to/repository,
    svn://server/ and svn+ssh://server/ (perhaps the latter would be looking for a filesystem path when I
    navigate under the Browse using profile window). In every case I get "unable to load initial remote folder".

    The other obvious question is how BC will authenticate via ssh. I do have putty's pageant program with a private key available.
    Will that work?



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    If you use the Subversion command line (from the Windows Command Prompt, the same functions we use) I am seeing errors when trying an svn+ssh connection, but not within Tortoise. We'd have to troubleshoot why the command line isn't working (which I haven't fully narrowed down yet), but that should then get it working in BC4.
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