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    Default Sync differential filenames on identical files to link them?

    Hi all, sorry if this has been asked, it was impossible to get any results from searching as all the words I tried (different filename same file) are too common!
    Both files are the same size & content, just the NAS has stopped parsing characters once it got to a naughty one. Currently I'm hitting F2 on the full filename to remove the colons, then copying that name, editing the offending version of the NAS to change its name to the same, so they link up.

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    BC4's alignment is based on file name first; matching on other criteria is something on our wishlist. The rename method you are performing is the only 'sync' of the filename other than copying the entire file.

    BC4 Pro also has an alignment override you could define to create the alignment, but this wouldn't include the ability to copy/touch just the file name.
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