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    Default Search buttons explanation

    I am attempting to extend my knowledge with regard to BC. The product supports regex forms of searches. There are three buttons adjacent to the right of the "Insert Regular Expression Element" button (Please see the attached screenprint). When hovering over the three buttons from left to right, they are "Regular Expression (Alt-X)", "Match Character Case (Ctrl_C)" and "Whole Words Only (Alt-W)". If I click on any one of them or press the associated keyboard shortcut, I fail to see any action. Are they supposed to alter a regex specified in the search box? If not what exactly are they supposed to be used for? Please explain.
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    Not quite. Those buttons are toggle options that impact the search. If you have all disabled, the search is literal. If you enable .* regular expressions toggle, then the text in the Find box will be treated as a RegEx. If you enable Match Character Case, then searching for "This" will not match on "this". The regular expression itself has to be manually typed, then enable the RegEx toggle option.
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